Capital A ;)

I miss your voice .
I miss your face .
I miss your smile .
I miss the way you hug me .
I miss when you kiss me .
I miss when you hold my hand .

I miss all about you honey .
A lot  :')

Every minute . Every second .
I'm always think about you .
Think about your promise too me :')

Promise that you will never leave me .
Promise that you will never let me go .
Promise that you will love me only me until your last breath .
Promise that you will be mine . Forever mine .

But you break the promise .
Just because people who admit that I love him more than anyone .
And youu ? Just meet your TRUE love right ?
My heart is truly broken sayangg  .

Yeah . Now i have meet someone new .
Who love me very very much .
Who will never let me go like your promise .
I'll try too Love himm more than I love you .
But like what i say . You're the last :')

I'll try through my day without youu .
Without your love word to me  .
I really really miss you so much .
I would be happy if you happy .
Take care .

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